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Challenger Muay Thai
Tiong Bahru
Dancing With The Stars / ABC - Trailer Music Licensing
Challenger Muay Thai/ AXN - TV series Scoring
Peace Starts with Me film segment / Desperate Optimists - Film Scoring
NFL on FOX - Trailer Music Licensing
Green Hornet
Green Hornet
Checkpost / Aneel Ahmad - Film Scoring / Licensing
Trailer Tools used on Limitless
Trailer Tools used on The Green Hronet
Trailer music used on TNT's teaser trailer for Season 6 "The Closer""
HomeComing / Lee Thean Jeen / HomeRun Asia - Film Scoring
IDEX NEmation YellowRibbon Tiong Bahru
IDEX Military Conference Abu Dhabi / RedFilo- Live Show Scoring
N.E.mation! / Animagine - Scoring
Yellow Ribbon 3 min. PSA Director's Cut - Scoring
Tiong Bahru /Desperate Optimists - Film Scoring
Amazing Adventures / FirstCom - Film Trailer Music

NICU Diaries / Discovery Health Theme Song

Singapore NDP - Music Production
Fabulous Cakes / TLC - Theme Song
Youth Olympic Games 2010 - Commercial
The Gang / Kelvin Sng - Film Scoring
FirstCom - Trailer and Orchestral Licensing Work
Gothic Storm XL4 Suite / Psi Records - Film Trailers
Gothic Storm Slams / Psi Records - Film Trailers
Gothic Storm Riser / Psi Records - Film Trailers
Gothic Storm Percussive / Psi Records - Film Trailers
Gothic Storm Dronee / Psi Records - Film Trailers
Jenna Bryson - Strings Arrangement
GrooveWorx - Commercial & Licensing Work
By Your Side / Compass Records - Music Production
Piano For Stress Relief / Compass Records - Music Production
Dress for Success / NBC - Licensing
Sweet Tapioca Porridge / DreamForest - Film Scoring & Licensing
A Moment In Time / Warner Records - Music Production
America's Most Wanted / FOX - Licensing
Twilight Zone / SyFy - Licensing
Crucial Music- Licensing Work
Uno / Mattel - Commercial
All My Children / ABC - Licensing
Corrinne May Beautiful Seed Album / Warner Records - Music Production
Tanya Chua Stranger Album/ Warner Records - Music Production
Red Thread / Cynthia Liu - Film Composing